Okay guys I have decided to do some crazy and read (re-read) ALL of Stephen King's books. This may take me a few years! But I will do it!! I already have a fair few of his books, more than I realised which is nice! I don’t have to rush out and buy them all yet! … Continue reading Stephen-King-athon!!


WWW Wednesday

So, we have internet again!! Yay!!! I am still super unproductive though, I just don't know where all my time goes!!! Here, have some stats!!Books read this month: 2 Currently Reading: 4 Currently Listening: 0, I have given up on audiobooks for now. I should probably try again to help knock my TBR pile down … Continue reading WWW Wednesday

May Wrap-Up

So my posting last month (and the start of this month) was dismal!! Sorry!! I have had a sick bub, plus no wifi at home! I had no Netflix!! #firstworldproblems amiright!!! I am hopefully moving later this month(super exciting!!), so I am going to attempt to try and schedule some posts!! Anyway, I think I … Continue reading May Wrap-Up

WWW Wednesday

Okay, so week 2!!! with no WIFI in the house!! I AM DYING! Why is Australia's internet so terrible!!! I also spent the whole day waiting for a technician that didn't show! I know #firstworldproblems and I clearly still have internet (thank god for mobile hotspots.) but its making life difficult. I'm not sure how … Continue reading WWW Wednesday

June TBR

OMG! I can't believe May is nearly over!! I have 5 eps left of Riverdale I need to binge watch!! Lol. Also, my schedule was an epic failure!!! I just didn't get around to posting as often as I wanted to because I got sick and it completely kicked my butt!! Hopefully June will be … Continue reading June TBR

Review: The Guild

The Guild (The Guild #1) by Felicia Day, Jim Rugg (Artist), Dan Jackson (Artist) ISBN: 1595825495 (ISBN13: 9781595825490) Publication date: Published November 24th 2010 (first published April 23rd 2010) Extent: 79 pages Format: Paperback Category: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Fiction Published by: Dark Horse Books Buy it here My Thoughts… So, I haven't watched the series yet! I wanted … Continue reading Review: The Guild