Okay guys I have decided to do some crazy and read (re-read) ALL of Stephen King's books. This may take me a few years! But I will do it!! I already have a fair few of his books, more than I realised which is nice! I don’t have to rush out and buy them all yet! … Continue reading Stephen-King-athon!!


OWLs Readathon Update

So for August I decided to sit my ORDINARY WIZARDING LEVEL’s, as part of the Magical Readathone - NEWTs to be sat at a later date! Super excitement lol.  Links are below! O.W.L’s Link – N.E.W.T’s Link  Books read so far... Grade - Poor Arithmacy - Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty  Read a book with … Continue reading OWLs Readathon Update


Hi guys!  I am back and I have actually scheduled posts!! I'm definitely hoping to get back into blogging (I think I say this every couple of months), but we're in our own house now and I start my new job soon!! So anyway, thanks for sticking with me and not unfollowing my lazy ass!! … Continue reading TBR TAG

WWW Wednesday

Okay, so week 2!!! with no WIFI in the house!! I AM DYING! Why is Australia's internet so terrible!!! I also spent the whole day waiting for a technician that didn't show! I know #firstworldproblems and I clearly still have internet (thank god for mobile hotspots.) but its making life difficult. I'm not sure how … Continue reading WWW Wednesday