Take One With You by Oak Anderson


Charlie and Sarah, two disaffected teens dealing with depression, meet in an online chatroom and soon hatch a plan to bring meaning to their lives by encouraging other despondent individuals to help eradicate the “scum of society”, such as pedophiles and rapists who have escaped justice. Anyone determined to commit suicide is urged to first kill someone who “got away with it” before taking their own life. Why not, they ask, “take one with you?”

The idea goes viral and things rapidly spiral out of control. As they develop feelings for each other, their worldwide followers begin to enact a very different version of their idea, perverting its original intent and threatening the thin line between civil society and criminal anarchy. Just as they find the hope of happiness together, Charlie and Sarah must deal with the monster they’ve created, a global epidemic of murder-suicide that threatens the very core of their humanity.

Take One With You is a unique crime thriller/millennial love story that poses the question: If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you kill someone tonight? Someone who had done something terrible. Someone who deserved to die. If so, who would it be? If you wouldn’t go that far, what about your neighbor? Your friend? Your enemy? Who draws the line? Who decides who lives and who dies? And what if we all began to take justice into our own hands?


Damn! This book is crazy from the start! 


The story focuses on the TOWY movement created to rid the world of the ‘undesirables’, e.g. the rapists, murders, paedophiles that received little or no conviction for their crimes. The movement was created to encourage people who were terminally ill or suicidal to “take one with you”, if they decide to commit suicide.

The TOWY movement started as a small website, with a group hacking the police database to list the local ‘undesirables’. Then as a lot of things do on the internet, the TOWY idea goes viral. The movement starts as planned, however it then leads to others putting their own spin on it and as usual general chaos ensures.


The book is written from numerous characters perspectives, different time lines etc. Because of this, at the beginning of the book I found the story quite difficult to follow. However as I got further into the story and got to know the characters everything became clear. I loved that the author has included pieces of evidence, tweets, news reports etc. linking to the TOWY movement throughout the book. This

This is a book that will stay with me for awhile. The concept of ‘Take One With You’ is unique, it is also a completely plausible happening that could occur in the society we live in today. I would recommend this book to everyone!

I received this book free from the For Love of a Book Group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review 


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