Judith Wants To Be Your Friend by Annie Weir

If Judith decides to be your friend, she’ll make it happen. She’ll find out what you do and where you go. She’ll make sure she’s there too.

36-year-old Judith Dillon hasn’t found her place in society. She struggles to make and maintain relationships, especially with women. In Carlisle in September 2009, Judith becomes attracted to Joanna. She follows her, finds out about her family and infiltrates her life. By Christmas they are close enough for Joanna to insist that Judith spends Christmas Day with them. However, all does not go as planned as Joanna’s mother drinks too much and asks Judith awkward questions about her past. That is the start of Judith’s past life catching up with her.

Judith stood and watched the scene. It appeared to her that the world has suddenly become silent, a sort of calm before a storm or a picture frozen in time. She turned and walked back to her car where she sat for a few moments struggling to comprehend what she had just witnessed, then she switched on the engine. As she approached the exit from the station car park, she had to wait to allow the ambulance and two police cars through.

In another twist, Judith resents Maureen, her supervisor in the cash office of a large supermarket, and is determined to set her up by making it look as though she is stealing money. She quietly takes opportunities to sabotage Maureen’s work – even going as far as to seduce one of the managers, believing this will strengthen her power base at the store. She has, however, overlooked something which leads to her being found out…

Suspensive and gripping, Judith Wants to be Your Friend will appeal to those looking for an intriguing story with thrilling undertones.




This book starts off with a bang! A girl is trying to escape Judith and falls to her death in front of a train.

As the book continues we learn about the events leading up to the tragic accident and the ‘friendship’ between the two girls. You also learn about Judith’s work as an accountant and her demise that leads to her

The story also shows us Judith’s present life, where she has found another girl to be ‘friends’ with. Judith now works in the cash office at Cost-Save counting money, where she is attempting to destroy her supervisors life at work just because she doesn’t like her.

The past and the present story lines start roughly a year apart. Eventually Judith’s past catches up to her present life showing that you cannot always outrun the terrible things you do.

Judith has trouble making friends with women, as a result she becomes obsessive and stalker like. She has little to no feelings and no conscience whatsoever. In short Judith is a sociopath.


I really enjoyed this book, it was a well written easy read. Throughout the story I sometimes felt sorry for Judith, other times you really had to wonder what could possibly be wrong with her.

I would like to thank NetGalley for a copy of this book,


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