Ari: To Each His Ghost #1 by S.M. Boyce

A Ghostly Paranormal Horror Novel

A crumbling farmhouse lies on the outskirts of the sleepy borough of White Haven, Pennsylvania. No one lives there anymore, but it’s never been empty.

Ari Bowers is a nerdy high school junior with a crush on the Varsity wide receiver and a healthy fear of the paranormal. When her crush Marcus Wagner takes her on a date-gone-wrong to the local haunted farmhouse, her fear is tested. A dark entity latches onto them both in that house, and they pay for their mistake with blood.

Marcus won’t admit something followed him home from the farmhouse even though shadows lurk in his periphery. It’s a prank, all of it… until a local girl dies with similar wounds on her body. Now he’s convinced he’s gone insane. His life spirals out of control, and it all boils down to his stupid date with Ari. As he sinks into addiction and women to ease his pain, he’s left with a choice: lose everything, or acknowledge the darkness slowly taking over his soul. He’s running out of time, and if he doesn’t face this creature, it’s going to take him the same way it took Ari.

For Ari and Marcus, it’s not about whether or not monsters lurk in the dark—they just don’t know which one is after them.



As she predicted, they ran out screaming. But something followed her home.



A Ghostly Paranormal Horror Novel, I loved the ghost and demon elements in this book. However I personally do not think this is a horror novel, yes it has some creepy parts and I definitely would not like to meet that demon.

But the book just didn’t have the horror factor; it didn’t leave me scared of the dark or make me jump at the shadows in my room at night.

A second clink on the tiles. A third. The shower curtain rustled, but she told herself she’d touched it in an effort to keep from screaming and running naked down the hall.


I did really enjoy this book. It was a fun, easy read with a strong story line that bordered on creepy. The characters in this book are easy to like except, of course, the demon and Marcus, he is a dick for most of the story.

The ending was actually quite surprising, I did not expect it to play out the way it did.




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