September ’16 TBR!



So it is the start of a new month and a chance for a fresh start!

This month I am going to attempt to organise my reading a bit better. To do this I am making a list! And hopefully I will actually stick to the list lol.
Last month I read more books than I expected I would, this month I am setting my bar high for this month! I am aiming for at least 2 books a week but hopefully I get 3 read.




NetGalley Reads

I need to get my NetGalley reading list down, these are a couple I have been approved for and want to have read by the end of the month.



For Love of a Book – TBR Pen Pal Reads (also NetGalley reads) 

For Love of a Book is a great group on Goodreads that has numerous challenges and incentives to get you to read.
As I couldn’t pick where to start in regards to clearing up my NetGalley, I decided to participate in TBR Pen Pals, I got to select how many books I wanted chosen and then the hard part was up to other people. These were the books selected 🙂

30825487  30333569


For Love of a Book Group – Serial Series Reader Challenge!

For this I am attempting to complete a few different series by the end of the year.
The books are spread out over the remaining months, this months books are:



For Love of a Book – Read and Review Opportunities.

This group has a selection of books available in exchange for an honest review, I think this is great as we are able to promote books and authors and free books are always a plus. This incentive has helped me to expand my reading and I have read and loved books I probably wouldn’t have normally picked up. I have two reviews due this month.

28143836  22821406


I have been approved for a couple of books on Edelweiss as well. I hope to get at least one from there read and reviewed this month.



Other Reads

The Hating Game I received from a giveaway on The Reading Room, thanks to the author and Hachette Australia.
The Summer We Believed and Muse I received from a giveaway, thanks to Librarything and the authors.
Cinder is a book I have been meaning to read for awhile now and is due back at the library this month so hopefully I will get a chance to read it!



Do you plan what books you will read? Or just wing it?
Are there any books you want to read this month?





11 thoughts on “September ’16 TBR!

  1. Wow, and I think my TBR with like five books is a lot. Do you read many books during the month? My usual count when I’m busy is like maximum four. I’ve been meaning to read Cinder. My library got it in when it released and I actually began reading it and, I can’t remember why, but I stopped reading and have yet to pick it back up.

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    1. I think I over estimated by ability this month, I didn’t factor in that we would be moving 😦 lol.I just finished studying so I have more time on my hands, or I thought I did lol.
      Last month I read 17 books, 5 were short stories/novellas so it would have been about 13 books or so.

      I borrowed Cinder from the library and had to return it before I could read it. I’ll have to get another copy and try again one day.


  2. Lists are always a good way to go! I just finished reading Suspended through For Love of a Book. It was ok. Not as great as I’d hoped, but definitely worth a read.

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      1. Lol! The cover pulled me in too. I have a real issue myself with choosing books solely on the cover. There’s been so many times where I haven’t even read the synopsis before reading a book. I just saw the cover and said, ok yeah I’m reading that for sure.

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