So it is the start of a new month and a chance for a fresh start!

This month I am going to attempt to organise my reading a bit better. To do this I am making a list! And hopefully I will actually stick to the list lol.
Last month I read more books than I expected I would, this month I am setting my bar high for this month! I am aiming for at least 2 books a week but hopefully I get 3 read.




NetGalley Reads

I need to get my NetGalley reading list down, these are a couple I have been approved for and want to have read by the end of the month.


For Love of a Book – TBR Pen Pal Reads (also NetGalley reads) 

For Love of a Book is a great group on Goodreads that has numerous challenges and incentives to get you to read.
As I couldn’t pick where to start in regards to clearing up my NetGalley, I decided to participate in TBR Pen Pals, I got to select how many books I wanted chosen and then the hard part was up to other people. These were the books selected 🙂

30825487  30333569


For Love of a Book Group – Serial Series Reader Challenge!

For this I am attempting to complete a few different series by the end of the year.
The books are spread out over the remaining months, this months books are:


For Love of a Book – Read and Review Opportunities.

This group has a selection of books available in exchange for an honest review, I think this is great as we are able to promote books and authors and free books are always a plus. This incentive has helped me to expand my reading and I have read and loved books I probably wouldn’t have normally picked up. I have two reviews due this month.

28143836  22821406


I have been approved for a couple of books on Edelweiss as well. I hope to get at least one from there read and reviewed this month.



Other Reads

The Hating Game I received from a giveaway on The Reading Room, thanks to the author and Hachette Australia.
The Summer We Believed and Muse I received from a giveaway, thanks to Librarything and the authors.
Cinder is a book I have been meaning to read for awhile now and is due back at the library this month so hopefully I will get a chance to read it!


Do you plan what books you will read? Or just wing it?
Are there any books you want to read this month?