Review: Suspended (The Vagabond Circus #1) by Sarah Noffke



Book Title: Suspended
Author: Sarah Noffke
Series: The Vagabond Circus
Pages: 250

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Mystery
Publisher: One-Twenty-Six

Date Read: September 22nd 2016
Published: January 15th 2016

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1When a stranger joins the cast of Vagabond Circus—a circus that is run by Dream Travelers and features real magic—mysterious events start happening. The once orderly grounds of the circus become riddled with hidden threats. And the ringmaster realizes not only are his circus and its magic at risk, but also his very life.

Vagabond Circus caters to the skeptics. Without skeptics, it would close its doors. This is because Vagabond Circus runs for two reasons and only two reasons: first and foremost to provide the lost and lonely Dream Travelers a place to be illustrious. And secondly, to show the nonbelievers that there’s still magic in the world. If they believe, then they care, and if they care, then they don’t destroy. They stop the small abuse that day-by-day breaks down humanity’s spirit. If Vagabond Circus makes one skeptic believe in magic, then they halt the cycle, just a little bit. They allow a little more love into this world. That’s Dr. Dave Raydon’s mission. And that’s why this ringmaster recruits. That’s why he directs. That’s why he puts on a show that makes people question their beliefs. He wants the world to believe in magic once again.




I need book 2 ASAP!! I have a love / hate relationship with books (and TV shows) that end in cliffhangers, but it worked for this book.
It left you wanting to know so much more, but also left so many unanswered questions.

So the cover for this book got me! As did the circus theme, who doesn’t love the circus?
And I am glad that I requested this book! It was fun and interesting read, with fun characters.
The story started off slow but once it picked up it was full of twist and turns that left you guessing.

I would love to hear more about the circus, its origins, the curse and what happened 20 years ago! Hopefully that will come up throughout the series. Which I definitely will be reading the rest of and of course more of Sarah Noffke’s books in general!


*I received this book in a Read for an honest Review opportunity via the Good Reads Group ‘For Love of a Book’


The cliffhanger ending!! Cliffhangers kill me, but I love them.

The circus in general! The world building in this book was great! As were the characters, I loved meeting the weird and wonderful cast of The Vagabond Circus.

Dr. Dave Raydon! He would have to be the best character. Fun, charming and it is really hard not to like him in this book!



Finley and his hidden agenda! It sounds like it could be its own story lol.

While Finley’s reason for joining the circus is hinted at throughout the book, I feel like it is dragged out and was quite irritating. As was his attitude to the other members of the circus.







Sarah Noffke writes YA & NA sci-fi, fantasy and dystopian. She is the author of the Lucidites, Reverians, Ren, and Vagabond Circus series.

She’s been everything from a corporate manager to a hippie. Her taste for adventure has taken her all over the world. If you can’t find her at the gym, then she’s probably at the frozen yogurt shop. If you can’t find her there then she probably doesn’t want to be found. She is a self-proclaimed hermit, with spontaneous urges to socialize during full moons and when Mercury is in retrograde. Sarah lives in Central California with her family.






15 thoughts on “Review: Suspended (The Vagabond Circus #1) by Sarah Noffke

    1. She seems so lovely 🙂
      I have joined her group on FB.
      I’ll check out the second book once I get my NetGalley / Edelweiss TBR list down.
      Its seriously getting ridiculously big, but I have no control over the request button 😦 haha

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      1. I’ve had to stop. I’m at 79% bc I got ANOTHER wish fulfilled. I plan on posting about it tomorrow. So that’s SIX books on NetGalley, but I just finished my Edelweiss one.
        I wish I could read faster!


        1. Haha I’m at 12% because when I first started on NetGalley I requested all the books and didn’t realise about the whole percentage thing… Now I have a long road to get up to the 80% mark lol. FML!!!

          But yay!! Congrats on another wish grant! Can’t wait to see what it is 🙂

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          1. Oh, I’m going to post it with the heading, “Be careful what you wish for…” Lol! Yeah, I requested a lot of stuff, but I get declined a lot still too. Not many BIG publishers yet. I am auto-approved for Curiosity Quills and Digiwriting, but HarperCollins and me don’t seem to match up…I try so hard and they always say no. Except for Disruption, which was a surprise for me…but then again it was Harper Collins AU so I don’t know if it makes a diff.

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            1. Ooooh that’s a good heading!!!

              Thats odd…
              We’re just nicer over here lol. I didn’t get approved for Disruption.
              Hachette Australia is always a good one, I like them.
              And Bookouture, they’re usually pretty good
              HarperCollins seem to like me on Edelweiss. I don’t think I have requested anything from them on NetGalley though.

              Harlequin hate me.. You need to have 500 followers on your blog and have had it up for 3 months. Only 350 followers to go until they might consider me lol.

              Yay! for auto-approvals, I haven’t got auto-approved for any yet. But I also have a massive stack of books to get through lol.


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