Fall Bookish Bingo :: Update

So this is my first Fall Bookish Bingo update! I think I am going okay so far lol…
Check out my original post here.

This is hosted by Pretty Deadly Blog!!


On to my update!!



Completed ::

Suspense :: All Fall Down by Tom Bale (my review)

Animal on Cover :: Dark Horses by Cecily von Ziegesar (my review)

Revenge :: The Girl from the Sea by Shalini Boland (my review)

Friendship :: The House Sitter by Jill Barry

Short Story :: Before the Snow (Stealing Snow 0.1) by Danielle Paige



Please let me know of any recommendations for ::

Sea Creatures ::
Illustrated ::
American History ::
Graphic Novel ::

Thank you!!!!




16 thoughts on “Fall Bookish Bingo :: Update

  1. Looking good. For Sea Creatures, I’m reading Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli, about a siren who falls in love. American History, my pick is The Witches: Salem, 1692. I’ve been big on graphic novels lately–Persepolis is a really good one (and there’s a pretty awesome movie version too!)

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  2. For sea creatures, I would recommend Island of the Blue Dolphins, for Illustrated, I would recommend one of the Harry Potter illustrated books, for American History I would recommend Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer, and I don’t read graphic novels so I, unfortunately, can not help you with that one. I wish I had seen this earlier, it looks like so much fun!

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    1. Ooohh Harry Potter Illustrated would be amazing!! I need to get my hands on them!!!’
      Haha I don’t read graphic novels either so I’ll probably google something lol.
      It’s a fun challenge, maybe keep an eye on her blog I think she hosts a few bingo challenges throughout the year.


  3. For American History, I searched on kindle unlimited and found an interesting book that involved photography of native american tribes. It wasn’t a dreaded read and I really enjoyed reading the histories and looking at photographs so you can find a similar book ^_^ or read the same one.

    for sea creatures: I chose mermaids. I don’t usually read mermaid stories but it was a surprisingly good read. ^_^ There are a ton of mermaid stories. Also novels about Kraken.

    Congrats on almost one bingo!


    1. Yeah I looked at a couple of mermaid stories, but wasn’t completely sold. The Kraken would make an interesting story!!
      Searching for American History on kindle is a great idea!!
      Thank you, it’s a fun challenge to do.

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