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This weeks topic is my favourite non-canon ships!

Information ::

These are the couples you love, but they never got together in canon (canon meaning: what actually happened in the text). Or that did get together, but weren’t together in the end of the series. Or a couple you ship but it’s actually impossible for them to be together because they are from different worlds, franchises, etc. Let your shipper heart run wild. I know mine will.

So let’s get started…


Harry Potter ::
1. Hermione and Malfoy

Hermione with Malfoy! Enough said…
Haha seriously they would have made the best couple!! And it would have pissed Lucious off to the max!!

2. Ron and Luna

Also would have loved Ron and Luna together, I think they would have made a cute couple!! 🙂



Vampire Academy / Twilight ::
3. Rose (VA) and Edward (Twilight)

I honestly would love to see Rose with Edward. I think that she is a much better match the Bella and would make him man up. Seriously he is the worst vampire ever!

Twilight ::
4. Bella and Jacob

And while we are on the subject of Twilight… Bella really should have ended up with Jacob! Seriously who doesn’t love Taylor Lautner, plus Jacob was no where near as moody as Edward.



5. Red Queen ::
Maven and Mare

He legit broke my heart!!
They were so adorable together.





and an extra one just because!!


Stephanie Plum and Ranger!!

Please for the love of god pick Ranger!! Like yeah I love Morelli, but seriously Ranger!! Dark, mysterious and hot as hell, what more do you want?!!



Are there any non-canon ships you would love to see?? 🙂