Review :: What Doesn’t Kill Us by Stephanie Henry




Title :: What Doesn’t Kill Us
Author :: Stephanie Henry
Series :: ‘The Story of Us’ follows two other characters out of this book.
Genre :: Young Adult > Coming Of Age > Romance

Published :: March 8th 2016 (first published July 25th 2013)
Date Read :: October 26th 2016

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As a child, Drew tried to protect his little sister from his belligerent parents. Through the screaming and arguing, a tragic accident occurs; one that will forever define Drew’s life.

When he meets Hailey years later, he never would have thought that their lives could ever be entwined.

Despite their obvious differences, they form a life-changing bond. But on a trip to visit Hailey’s dad, they unearth a fateful discovery that changes everything.

Can they survive uncovering decade-old secrets and learning the truths of their pasts? Or will the aftermath of their discoveries break the bond they’ve been desperately clinging to?


Whilst I really enjoyed this book, it was so cliché.

The story follows Andrew (Drew) and Hailey.
While Drew’s life is less than perfect to begin with, in the first 10 or so pages a terrible tragedy occurs that forever changes his already not so great life. Because of this tragedy he distances himself from everyone; this earns him the ‘bad boy’ label.
Hailey on the other hand is your pretty, perky, perfect cheerleader who is having family issues.

They meet, he pushes her away (to protect her of course), she gets really drunk, he rescues her and they all live happily ever after. This is the quintessential YA coming of age story.

This book was an easy, enjoyable read, it was well written with likeable characters.
Whilst the story line was similar to a lot of other books out there, I believe that this is still a great book that everyone will enjoy, especially readers who love a good YA romance.

I received a copy of the book from Read for Review in exchange for my honest opinion or review of the book.



likedWhat I liked about this book was that it was well written and enjoyable. The characters were all likeable enough and you wanted to see them end up together.

This is your classic YA coming of age story, so everything turns out perfect and everyone lives happily ever after which always makes for a nice ending 😊


dislikedI didn’t like the fact that Hailey needs Drew to get through everything in her life. I would love to see a stronger lead female role.

I don’t believe that Hailey getting drunk to forget all her problems was necessary.
She ends up at a party with some random guy getting handsy, of course Drew comes along and saves her. Magically everything is alright.

I think this is a really bad example. In real life, you go to a party and dance with random guys to make another guy jealous; he will probably avoid you for the rest of the night. Random guy starts trying stuff behind a garage, which you stupidly followed him too. You are on your own.




Stephanie Henry is the author of What Doesn’t Kill Us, The Story of Us, and most recently the C-Vac series. She loves writing, as well as immersing herself in a good YA novel. She is an avid watcher of the TV series The Vampire Diaries, Nashville, The 100, and Pretty Little Liars. But her favorite TV series of all-time is Dawson’s Creek. Whether in a book or on screen, she’s a sucker for an epic love story. Also an immense music lover, her musical taste can range from rap to Disney, country to rock, and anything in between. She lives with her husband and two young children in Central Massachusetts.

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9 thoughts on “Review :: What Doesn’t Kill Us by Stephanie Henry

  1. Pingback: Book Updates
    1. Thank you 😊😊
      I’m the same with some books.
      I would just love to throw them at a wall 😂
      This book wasn’t too bad just predictable lol and I felt like slapping the girl.
      Why can’t we have a strong girl that is like ‘oh you don’t to talk to me, well f*ck you too’ and gets over it lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This sounds like a book that I’d be satisfied to read if I’d gotten it from the library, but disappointed if I’d actually purchased it. Contemporary romances don’t really fit in with the rest of my bookshelf, haha.

    One note though: if a girl gets drunk and is taken advantage of at a party by a dude, that’s not her fault at all. That’s literally the fault of the dude that saw it as an opportunity to target her.


    1. No the dude should have morals, no means no.
      I think it is unrealistic that in these books the girls always end up in a situation with another guy, because there’s always an asshole in the book, and she always gets saved by the guy.
      I was just stating that I doubt that would happen in real life and girls should not expect that.

      It’s probably not a book I would usually pick up, but it sound interesting and I was in the mood for an easy read lol.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha hell no! The guy should be strung up by his balls if he rapes someone. I think some books just send a bad message through sometimes. It frustrates me lol.
          That’s not good. I hope your day/night gets better ♥️.
          Haha definitely love a good fluffy read sometimes, especially after all the thrillers I’ve been reading 😂😂

          Liked by 1 person

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