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This weeks topic is my Favorite Spooky Settings!

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These can be settings that exist in books or ones you’d like to see in books. Also, if you are like me, you don’t really have to make this about horror or scary settings. You can also use eerie, atmospheric settings. Macabre settings. Eclectic settings. I’m not a scary horror person either, but I do enjoy the latter.

Lets start the countdown!!!



Coming in at number 5 is… Malum House in The Stepmother by Claire Seeber

Seriously living in a massive house with locked doors, the myth of a ghost and two creepy step children… Pass thanks 🙂


4… The Forbidden Forest out of Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

The name says it all. The Forbidden Forest… I am sure it is forbidden for a damn reason.

Who even knows what is really living in that forest!! You lost me at giant spiders 🙂 Although a Unicorn would be amazing to see, as long as it isn’t dead with a weirdo drinking its blood lol.


3… Mammoth Falls in Mammoth by Douglas Perry

Creepy old school town in the middle of nowhere… What on earth could possibly go wrong here! I think it is the seclusion that makes this setting so creepy, not to mention the whole town bails.


2… The Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey in The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea

If you are dumb enough to go camping in a forest that has a myth about a man beast as creepy as The Jersey Devil then you clearly deserve to get eaten 🙂 Definitely pass on ever going here, you aren’t even safe during the day… This beast does not play by the rules lol.


And at number 1… The Overlook Hotel from The Shining by Stephen King

Enough said…. Who wants to live in a hotel in winter, in the middle of nowhere, with just your family for company. Crazy people thats who!

I am pretty sureg that this is the creepiest setting in history!! Blood spilling from elevators, creepy ass twins, a giant hedge maze and that is just the beginning of the nightmare!


Do you have any favourite spooky settings?