Sunday Sesh…

So this year has gone super quick and I am seriously unprepared for Christmas…

For example… Yesterday I went Christmas present shopping and bought myself presents… Job well done I think.
Look at that mug! I just had to buy it!! Lol.




Anyway I got some awesome bargains.

One book shop had a sale on and I got four books for $24.

  • Horns by Joe Hill
  • The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
  • The Lone Wolf by Jodie Picoult
  • You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

Then I saw The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater and Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Of course I just had to add them to my ever growing TBR pile… It is getting ridiculous, I swear every time I look away 20 more books jump on the pile!!!


img_2841Also super excited….

I picked up a copy of the new Stephanie Plum book, Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich.

I adore these books! They are just so much fun and Ranger is just drool worthy!!

Published November 15th 2016

In the heart of Trenton, N.J., a killer is out to make sure someone gets his just desserts.

Larry Virgil skipped out on his latest court date after he was arrested for hijacking an eighteen-wheeler full of premium bourbon. Fortunately for bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, Larry is just stupid enough to attempt almost the exact same crime again. Only this time he flees the scene, leaving behind a freezer truck loaded with Bogart ice cream and a dead body—frozen solid and covered in chocolate and chopped pecans.

As fate would have it, Stephanie’s mentor and occasional employer, Ranger, needs her to go undercover at the Bogart factory to find out who’s putting their employees on ice and sabotaging the business. It’s going to be hard for Stephanie to keep her hands off all that ice cream, and even harder for her to keep her hands off Ranger. It’s also going to be hard to explain to Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, why she is spending late nights with Ranger, late nights with Lula and Randy Briggs—who are naked and afraid—and late nights keeping tabs on Grandma Mazur and her new fella. Stephanie Plum has a lot on her plate, but for a girl who claims to have “virtually no marketable skills,” these are the kinds of sweet assignments she does best.


Thoughts on the books above? I am looking forward to reading Nevernight and Horns!

Is everyone as terrible as I am at present shopping?
If you aren’t, just lie and say you are to make me feel better please! 😀





35 thoughts on “Sunday Sesh…

    1. Haha love $1.99 books, $0.99 books are even better!!!
      Danielle from Books, Vertigo and Tea has it too!! So we should all do a buddy read.
      However apparently I am not very good at reading along with others lol so it would be a read at a similar time buddy read hahahaha!!

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  1. I’m still waiting for your haul post from your garage sale buy. A couple pictures of oh what, 60 or 90 books that you bought? haha.. I really want to read Nevernight too! I have been good at staying away from the bookstore so no impulse buy. So far, my only impulse is the ARC request that I can’t seem to stop haha..

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    1. That post is up, under November book haul 😊😊
      Well done for curbing your impulse buying 😊😊
      I have been so good not requesting ARCs. I got The Gift by Louise Jensen. And I won a copy of Storm and Grace. But apart from that nothing!! Quite proud of myself for staying away from the request button haha.
      I figure buying them is a bit better because I don’t have a timeframe to read and review so they are just there when I want them lol.

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      1. Your Nov haul didn’t have a picture of your library books hauled I thought.. Good job on no new requests, but still better than buy because nothing beats free books 😂


    1. Haha not knowing what to buy people is the worst because you look around at stuff and end up buying yourself more stuff!!
      Right!!! This year has just flown by. I feel like it should still be March or April lol not December!!!

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    1. Haha best mug ever!!
      I’ve heard such great things about those two books I can’t wait to read them!!! They’re sitting on my bedside table so hopefully it will make me read them sooner haha.
      😂😂 I love buying people things too, just so bad at it!! Lol. We have 2weeks left!! I have so much shopping left to do!! I need someone to follow me around the shops and slap the books out of my hands until all my present shopping is done 😂😂


                    1. Blog stuff (followers, visitors)
                      Instagram followers. Twitter followers. Any other social media (bloglovin etc)
                      Anywhere else you receive ARCs from or beta read for etc.
                      I put up that I’m a tour host for xpresso books.

                      Personally I’ve never had a problem with approvals (except the publisher who wants you to have 500 blog followers) and I’m not sure why they approve me but deny others. They’re odd on there. I think if you put as much info as you can up with links to social media sites you should be pretty good.

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  2. Books are always so sneaky, slipping into bookcases when you’re not looking. Ridiculous!! 😀 Nicely done, getting your xmas shopping on! I haven’t even thought about what to buy anyone, let alone actually buying anything lol

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    1. Haha aren’t they!! It’s like toy story… but books.
      Thanks 😊 I always say I’m going to start earlier in the year. But then it always gets to December and I have nothing. Last year I got pretty much all my shopping done in Christmas Eve! Was horrible. I hate crowds lol. 😊😊
      Fingers crossed we both get it all done before Christmas Eve this year 😂😂

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  3. I’m not one to have trouble when shopping-except when it comes to buying books. I would buy the whole bookstore if it was up to me (lol 😀 ) ,will you be doing a review on Turbo Twenty Three? If so, can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I would love to buy he whole book shop!! #lifegoals 😂😂
      I’ll definitely do a review on Turbo Twenty-Three if I get a chance to read it which is highly likely because I’ve been waiting for it to come out since I read Twenty-Two haha.
      I’m a little obsessed with the Stephanie Plum series. Have you seen the movie for One For The Money ? It had Katherine Heigl in it.


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