Update : Book Mail!!

Okay, so I some how managed to score one of the best bookish friends ever!
Everyone please head over to @ TeacherofYA and say hello to Steph! She is super friendly and hardly ever bites πŸ™‚

Anyways awhile back I won two books from BookSparks. Never realising it was a US only competition.Β The books I won were Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake and Replica by Lauren Oliver. See my original post here πŸ™‚

So Steph and I were already organising to do a book swap as she like AUS covers(Three Dark Crowns) and I like US covers(The Thousandth Floor) lol and was nice enough to allow some randomish girl, me, to send books to her house AND also agreed to forward them to me!! How amazing is she! See Steph’s post here. I have yet to see her try the Vegemite!!


Anyway my package arrived the other day with a few other surprises she thought I would like πŸ™‚


I absolutely adore this book. It’s soooo pretty!!



I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this amazing book! The inscription is adorable, pretty sure I’m in love with Kendare Blake lol.




So I have recently just started my V.C Andrews collection! Steph highly recommends this author and sent me a few books of hers that she thought I would like.


So I am super lucky to have found such an amazing friend across the sea and I can not wait to read all of these books! Once I finish admiring the gorgeous covers!! Lol.




29 thoughts on “Update : Book Mail!!

  1. I hope you enjoy the books, too! I’m posting my Blog Tour for Freeks right now, then a review for The Bear and the Nightingale, and then I’ll do a mash-up of your and Anne’s book mail!
    I hope you like the VC Andrews books. She is really into incest so be prepared. (And technically Andrew Niedermann took over for VC Andrews after she wrote, like, six books and died, so it’s a ghost writer now that’s not really a ghost writer bc it’s Niedermann).
    But start with one of the earlier series if you can. I recommend Flowers in the Attic or Heaven. I have an OCD tendency, so when I like something, I go a little crazy and read everything from that one author. I’ve gotten better and took a break from her bc it was getting repetitive…but it’s been enough time now and I’d love to fangirl over them.
    If I send one book at a time, shipping won’t be so expensive next time! (Well, a book and a goodie!)

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    1. Oooh thats some interesting trivia! I did not know that!! Honestly just thought she wrote a lot! Haha.
      Thanks for the heads up about the incest. πŸ™‚
      I shall start with Flowers in the Attic!! I’ve heard good things about that one!!
      Have moved it up my TBR pile so we should be fangirling soon!!! Lol.
      I have the same tendencies with authors I really love / develop an obsession with lol. Have you read any of Jackie Collins books?! I have all her books and could re-read them forever!! Lol.

      I need to get your Tim Tams to you ASAP!!!
      I need video proof haha plus I really want to see your reaction hahahaha


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