27 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest

  1. This is the coolest book post ever!! It is so unique and I’m so up for trying this out! However, I already have an august read-a-thon going so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do all the books here too. But I really really want to play this game, so I guess I’m going to give it a try!! 🙂

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                1. Haha they’re amazing animals!! Soooo much work though!! I want to get a mini and bring it up like a pet dog haha.
                  So we have 12 horses. There is :
                  1. Tex (Expectatious – he’s an ex racehorse)
                  2. MC (Named after MC Hammer because he’s out of unstoppable lol I regret his name every day)
                  3. Jetsu
                  4. Duchess
                  5. Alfie (ex pacer/trotter, not sure of his race name)
                  6. Scooby (formerly Cloudy Beach another ex pacer/trotter)
                  7. Baby
                  8. Holly
                  9. G (Her full name is Dark G Night Sky or something like that, so its G for short haha)
                  10. Teddy (My sister named him, he was Braveheart when we got him, I’m not sure which is worse lol.)
                  11. Boy / Beau (my sisters husbands name is Beau, so we had to change his name to Boy lol)
                  12. Daisy (ex racehorse, can’t think of her race name).

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                    1. Haha it took me awhile to remember them all as I was trying to write them 😂😂 but when I’m in the paddock with them I’m generally fine. I have called horses the wrong name before though.
                      I don’t know about being more loyal than dogs, but if the more time you spend with them the better they are with you.

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