March TBR

Okay so I am a little bit late posting this TBR and I have already read some books!! Buuuut I’m going to post this anyway!!! Because 1) I am late for everything, so technically this is on time for me! and 2) I want to haha.


So the books that I have already read are:

Absolutely loved these books!! I was looking forward to Almost Love because Louise O’Neill!! Haha! Her books are just amazing!! I also really wanted to read The Guild because I want to start watching it and the comic is a prequel to the web series!! (I need to get the second one ASAP!!)


Aaaand the other books that I want to read this month *fingers crossed* are these four books! 

I have already started reading Children of Blood and Bone (I am part of a blog tour for this, I’m not sure what I will be doing for it yet help me! lol.) and Scythe!
I really want to finally! read ADSOM. Because hype! I’d also like to get The Price Guide to the Occult read! It’s out this month and sounds fantastic!!


Do you have a TBR this month?
Any books you plan on reading?
(or any you’ve already read?)



4 thoughts on “March TBR”

  1. Wowza! If you read all of those books your mind will explode from all the awesomness! The Shades of Magic series is one of my absolute favorites. Just keep in mind the first book is a slower paced set up & building of the world.

    Scythe & Children of Blood and Bone are supposed to be freaking awesome too!

    Happy reading in March!

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    1. Hahaha thank you!
      I’m halfway through Children of Blood and Bone and Scythe! They’re both so amazing!!! 😱

      Can’t wait to read ADSOM next!! I’ll definitely keep that in mind when reading it!!
      I actually enjoy when the first books start off slower, builds up the anticipation for when all the action starts to happen! 😂


    1. Aww no!! I hope you get all the good drugs and get better soon!!
      But I’m the same I thought the flu was just a bad cold (also only thought it happened in winter) 😂 until I was pregnant and had to have the flu shot because apparently you can end up in ICU it’s that bad.
      Some lady got the flu when she was pregnant and her baby was a premmie and she ended up in a coma 😱 it’s crazy!!


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