The Sims | Tag Tuesday

Okay, so I am a little obsessed with The Sims and I found this Sims tag.
It sounded fun, I wasn’t tagged to do it, but I am doing it anyway!!

This tag was originally created by Booktuber Hailey in Bookland.

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The Original Sims

The best author debut.

Oh god, so many!

I have to go with Stephanie Garber! Caraval is just amazing.
I want to live in that world!!

Also, have to add Louise O’Neill because Only Ever Yours is such a fantastic read. I think this book will stick with me for life!

The Grim Reaper 

Saddest character death.

Where do I even start?!

One that has always stuck with me is Ginger from Black Beauty!
Others I don’t want to say incase it spoils the book for people!
But the books containing sad characters deaths are Heartless, Grisha Trilogy, Only Ever Yours & A Shadow’s Breath.

Sims Getting Stuck 

A character that just got in the way.

pfft. So many! Mal!! Mal got in the way of The Darkling and Alina being together so he kindly needs to leave that series!! Haha.

Please don’t get angry with me. I just think The Darkling needed some love!


A book with amazing writing.

Any Louise O’Neill book! I just adore her writing!! Also, Liane Moriarty & Nicola Moriarty books!! They all are amazing authors and I find their books so easy to read.

Expansion Packs 

A series where the books keep on getting better.

Hmm.. Maybe A Court of Thorns and Roses. Three Dark Crowns also gets better!!

Sim Romance 

The worst case of insta-love.

Well… Twilight maybe? I tend to repress memories of insta love.


A book that was entirely unrealistic.

Ooooh!! I Spy the Boy Next Door… Shit just spiralled in that book.
Was a really fun & cute read. Just not realistic at all.

Needs Fulfilment 

A character who made all the wrong decisions.

HAHAHAHAH! ALINA!! She should have stayed with The Darkling.
I love The Darkling and will always stand by the fact that the poor guy just wanted some freaking love and real friends!!

So many characters make poor life choices. Jude from Cruel Prince also made some awful choices!!

Error Code 12 

A series that started off great but went downhill from there.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? I remember loving the first book, but Lara Jean just sounded so freakin whiny in the second and third books.

The Sims Vortex 

A book/series that completely engrossed you.

I am easily engrossed in books. I get way to obsessed with the characters.

  • Caraval.
  • Louise O’Neill books.
  • Grisha Trilogy.
  • Twilight.
  • This Is Where It Ends.
  • Colleen Hoover books.
  • Red Queen Series
  • What Happened That Night

What are your thoughts?
I tag whoever wants to do this tag!!

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