A Summer With You | Book Review

A Summer With You

by Angela Parkhurst

Series: Wrecking Ball (Book 2)
Publisher: Smashwords
ISBN: 9780463202357
Available June 13, 2019
Pages: 365
List Price: Paperback: $17.00 || Kindle: $3.01

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“I’m going to apologize in advance,” he warned as he kicked the door to his room open and set me on the edge of the king-sized bed. 
“For what?” I stared up at him, a renewed desire flickering through this crystal blue eyes. He was a man hell-bent on chaos. 
“Destroying your clothes.” 

Pippa Infantino knew the moment Chase Matthews laid eyes on her, she was in trouble. He was the kind of guy who turned you on with one tiny smirk. Guys like him were off limits to girls like Pippa—Smart. Educated. Reserved. 

So, when Chase offered Pippa a deal—a summer of being his plus one to weddings—Pippa’s first instinct was to run. But Chase was a smooth talker and Pippa was tired of being ridiculed by her family for living a boring single life. Her crazy Italian aunts were like little matchmakers trying to set her up with every eligible Italian Bachelor in the county. 

In an effort to step way out of her comfort zone, Pippa agreed to spend the summer as Chase’s girlfriend. Only if they had rules. No sex was number one. Except his kisses were insatiable, addictive, creating a desire she never knew existed. Soon, Pippa realized his reputation did not do him justice and sex…yeah that was never off the table. But love? That was an entirely different game Pippa was hell-bent on staying away from. 

A SUMMER WITH YOU, is a New Adult Novel. While a standalone novel, it is the second book in the WRECKING BALL series.

I am a sucker for a cute read!
&& let me tell you, this book is super cute and super saucy!!!
With a dash of comedy and plenty of laughs.

I adored Ellie, the main character. She was sweet, loyal and tough as hell!
I loved her friendships with her two best friends. They are all hilarious, strong women with great banter! Her sisters on the other hand, not my favourites. However, as awful as she is, I would definitely love to read Magnolia’s story!

But guys! If you are looking for a new swoon-worthy book boyfriend, look no further than Chase Matthews. He. Is. Perfection! My favourite thing was that even though it is hinted at that he is a ‘player’, it isn’t a big part of the story!!

As most romance books, the story is fairly predictable and cliché. But, as they say, it’s all about the journey and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ellie and Chase’s journey!!  
Angela has done a fantastic job creating relatable characters, scenarios and family dramas. I have read previous books of the authors and I seriously just love her writing style. The book is such a fun, easy read that hooks you in from the start! I will definitely be reading the other books in this series!

I highly recommend this to everyone!
Especially for lovers of romance/ contemporary fiction.

I would like to thank Angela for providing me with a copy of this gorgeous book. This has in no way affected my views or opinions of the book or the content of my review

About Angela

“With my head I think, from my heart I sing and with my hand to my face I pray…”

                                                                        -Sister Hazel, Strange Cup of Tea

Hello from the Sunshine State!!


Angela is the author of young adult fantasy series, The Forgotten Fairytales (Forgotten Fairytales, Forget Me Not, Fire & Fury) and the new adult contemporary series, Wrecking Ball (To Get to You & A Summer with You) .

When Angela isn’t destroying fairytales or writing epic love stories, she is mom-ing with her two boys, lounging in the pool/beach and soaking up the Florida sunshine! She is obsessed with coffee, All things Disney (Minnie Mouse FTW) & creating memories with her family and friends. There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

Angela is also obsessed with fashion, when she’s not writing or playing with the family, Angela is an advocate for body positivity, helping women everywhere love their bodies no matter what size they are. http://www.curvexchange.com

Find Angela here:
Instagram @angelawrites87

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