The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag

The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag was created by Ben Sanders.

Who doesn’t love 90s cartoons? And combining them with book prompts?! I just couldn’t pass up this tag.

Find a book that is a nostalgic read.

Twilight!!! I’m loving this reread! All the feels and teenage angst!!

Find a book about growing up.

I am going to use Bad Romance for this one! Technically not about physically growing up, but there is a lot of growth throughout the book. I adored it!

Johnny Bravo
Find a book whose main character you don’t like.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Here’s looking at you, Jude!
I mean I love the series and admire her, but don’t necessarily like her.
Same with a few of Louise O’Neill characters, don’t hate them, but they definitely are not likeable people.

Rocket Power
What is your favorite sport-centered book scene?

I haven’t read many books with sports scene, but I adore Abbi Glines Field Party series and it has football in it… Counts right?

What is your favorite sci-fi book?

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Aurora Rising and the Illuminae Files!!!
Amie & Jay kick sci-fi’s ass!!!
Someone please give me Aurora Rising two!! I will give you my soul!!

Pretty sure I will never love another sci-fi book as much as I love these ones…. unless they bring out more together!

Powerpuff Girls
Find a book with a kick-butt female lead.

Nova / Nightmare totally kicks ass!!! If I could, I would totally marry her she’s a total badass!

Also, a mention to the Throne of Glass series. When Celaena isn’t falling over her own feet, she can actually kick some butt!
Work on that coordination girl! You’re supposedly an assassin!!!

Let me know some of your favourite 90’s cartoons in the comments. Are there are prompts you think would go well with them?

2 thoughts on “The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag

  1. The Illuminae Files are some of my favourite books, they are just so fun (in a really stressful way) and hectic and brutal. Twilight really is such a nostalgic read hey. I don’t know many people who this series didn’t impact, whether they loved or hated it. On another note, my little sister was OBSESSED with Rugrats when she was a kid. She used to watch it so much that I actually started to hate it hahaha (it’s been a long time since then though so I don’t feel that way anymore).

    This is a great tag and great answers!!! I might do this one if you don’t mind?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Go for it!!! Such a fun tag!!
      OMG! Illuminae files is so stressful!! But amazing! Loved the ending!!
      The rugrats would probably be super annoying on repeat. I used to love the game. Escape from Reptar Land I think. Twilight is definitely a nostalgic read for a lot of people! Was a massive series back in the day!

      Liked by 1 person

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