Book Blogger Confessions Tag

Hi, Welcome to the Book Blogger Confessions Tag. I've tried to keep the answers short and sweet haha. 1. Which book, most recently, did you not finish? Um, Eclipse maybe? I still plan on finishing it haha. Just have to pick it back up soon. 2. Which book is your guilty pleasure? Uhmmm... I don't … Continue reading Book Blogger Confessions Tag

The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag

The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag was created by Ben Sanders. Who doesn’t love 90s cartoons? And combining them with book prompts?! I just couldn’t pass up this tag. RugratsFind a book that is a nostalgic read. Twilight!!! I'm loving this reread! All the feels and teenage angst!! DougFind a book about growing up. I am going … Continue reading The ’90s Cartoon Book Tag