Review Policy

Currently not accepting any review requests… Sorry for any inconveniences


My Review Policy:

I will accept most book and ARCs.
I am from Australia. My address is available upon email.

If I do happen to receive a book for review, I guarantee I will give a completely honest review.
However I can not always guarantee a date for review.

Please Note: If I write a negative review, please do not be offended, it is just my personal opinion on the book.

I am open minded and will accept most genres, however genres I will not accept are:

  • Religious
  • Non-fiction, unless it is a subject I am interested in.

I do not care whether it is a physical copy or an E-book, but occasionally it is nice to receive a physical copy.

Contact ::


My Rating Guide

I use the same rating system as Goodreads:
Books rated out of 5, full hearts only.


1 – Nope… Just nope, never again.


2 – Not the best book…


3 – It was an okay read…


4 – I really enjoyed this book.


5 – I am in love this book!